Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Shortest Day of the Year

Well it's the winter solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere.
I wanted to record a track today and release it as a live recording.
This year has been about learning new things musically. Not only playing and technique, but also recording.
Today for the first time I recorded by live micing up the amp instead of recording directly into a portable recorder or into an audio interface.
I was joking with a musician friend of mine about the time spent mixing songs. I could do a hundred mixes of a song and I may be the only one who notices (or cares) about the differences of the subtleties of the mix. So the basis of this track was to record it, mix it and upload it in one day.
I'm trying to learn new ways of recording and actually enjoying playing the songs and not being attached to a particular version or sound of song.  Experimenting with different sounds, guitars, effects etc. makes way for some "happy accidents".  More about capturing the performance and a mood.
Eventually I would like to also perform some of my work live. I've been experimenting with looping, which is the tool that could make performing my songs live a possibility.
This track also puts me one step closer to finishing the Transient album.  It's really an album about transition. It's been recorded using a variety of tools, including different daws, portable recorders as well as using different software and hardware. A lot of it is experimental by nature. But it also takes me back to those things that excited me about making music. Discovering new sounds, creating something from scratch, creating a mood. 

Here's the unused cover of the track.
You can download the track at

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