Monday, October 13, 2014


Hi. Welcome to my new blog.
I thought I’d talk about my new album “Transient” (due late 2014).  The process of recording a new album is a daunting but rewarding process. In this case it also means returning to guitar (after many years) as opposed to my last few releases which have been completely synth/plug-in based.   So instead of hitting keys for effects and sounds and then tweaking and manipulating them, this time around I’m creating tracks based around guitar chord structures.
As I’m dealing with ambient music I have found using long delays or changing the tempo of a recording useful tools.  The technique of reversing a track is a common amongst ambient music so I’m looking to use it in a minimal and effective way.  Often simply changing the particular sound and speed of track based on what I’m using or experirmenting with results in quite dramatic changes or ideas for new tracks.  In addition to this there have been a variety of influential videos on youtube that have inspired new ideas and techniques.  I can’t understate the value of learning from others.
The other thing is being open to happy accidents. Sometimes I’ve been playing a song and then I go to a different chord or note by mistake and that will also trigger a new idea for the song (or a new idea for another song).
The biggest change I’ve found is using guitar effects pedals, a recent addition to my lot. While I have a variety of software plug-ins that I can use to mould, shape and manipulate a variety of guitar sounds, to actually use pedals allows me to concentrate more on actually playing instead of editing music software.
The other thing is I can actually just play without being hooked up to any software.  It sounds obvious but often I talk to musicians and more time is spent dealing with software than creating music.  I’ve had time where I may have been playing the same song over and over for 45 minutes and yet it only seems like a few moments, so often it allows me to get into quite a zen place with the music just enjoying the sounds and tones and just being in the moment.
Transient (blue:green cover0