Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A track can be an experiment, a happy accident or a moment of inspiration. An album is a commitment. 2 albums... well that's also a happy accident.
So while tinkering away on my Transient album I noticed that some of the tracks just didn't quite fit, however they did start to take on a life of their own.
While having the intention to create music that was primarily guitar based, there ended up being  some quite top-heavy synth tracks.
And so the decision has been made to release Phases before the end of year. A companion as such to the upcoming Transient album (possibly now due early 2015).
Expect more ambient, soundscape moments on the album.  Very much a continuation of the styles I'd explored on The Lightness & The Quiet Landscape albums.
The other thing that has happened is that I intend to release all future works under B J Boyd, as opposed to bjb for synth based works and Brendan J Boyd for my guitar based works. The reason for this is that slowly I'm finding my 2 styles are merging.
Here's a peak at a cover idea.