Monday, December 26, 2016

Inbetween...inner sleeve notes

This album is an extension of the music I created on Journey and Transient.
Every album brings it own challenges and with this one it meant doing
everything in Linux. That meant recording, mixing, mastering and all
the artwork.

Although the album created a considerable (but enjoyable) learning curve the album was recorded within a short amount of and by working in Linux with the Ardour DAW, the recording process became quicker and streamlined.

The album is all guitar and I chose to use effects pedals instead of plug-ins.  I firmly believe that the type of guitar, the effects you use and the way you play
influence the song and what it becomes.  Effects in the mastering and mixing
stage have been kept to a minimum.

There's a few other things about this album. Firstly the tuning of the guitar
was done at 432 Hz (instead of the usual 440 Hz).  For me it gave the guitar a
"sweeter" sound.  There's considerable conversation on the interweb
about 432 Hz tuning.  Secondly, there's looping. Something I've started to explore more and have really enjoyed.

This is a very stripped back album and it's been a joy to create something quite
minimal and to be conscious of the spaces in between the notes and chords.


BJ Boyd  Dec 2016